Desensitization Treatments

Do you suffer from teeth that are intermittently painful, and hyper sensitive to hot and cold foods or drinks? Sensitive teeth comes from the tooth surface being worn away, or by gum recession causing root exposure. We offer Cervitec® Plus and Seal&Protect™, brush-on varnishes that help eliminate this discomfort.

Cervitec® Plus

One of the newest and most innovative products available that not only helps with sensitivity, but also protects exposed tooth surfaces by forming a barrier, reducing bacterial activity and providing cavity protection.

The Cervitec Plus varnish system has an effective combination of 1% chlorhexidine and 1% thymol that applies fast, clear with no unpleasant taste or side effects and the benefits last for 3 months.



Seal&Protect™ is a clear varnish that is painted on the teeth and then light cured. It hardens, forming a clear barrier on the exposed tooth surfaces protecting it from abrasions, and seals off the dentin tubules relieving hypersensitivity. It contains Tricolsan which reduces the germs and bacteria activity, and also contains fluoride for added protection. It has been clinically proven to reduce sensitivity for up to 12 months. Since it hardens quickly, patients like that they can eat, drink and resume normal activity after application.


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Professional, kind, and as good an experience you can have at a dentist! — Joan M.

I always have a great experience with Dr. Leung and his assistance's. I have even recommended Dr. Lessne and Dr. Leung to friends. — James C.

From the front desk to the patient chair our experience has always been friendly and positive. We always feel better after any procedure. — Terry M.

The entire office has a great mix of professionalism and friendliness. It's always a pleasure to visit Dr. Leung and his staff. — Eric M.

I have been a patient for many years. Dr. Leung saw me on an emergency basis recently and resolved my problem quickly and efficiently. — Steve L.

The dental hygienist is very thorough, and Dr. Leung is excellent. Everyone in the office is efficient and pleasant. — Joyce W.

I've been going to Drs. Lessne and Leung for close to ten years now. Doctors and staff are professional and personable, and provide great care. Irina is the best! — Antoinette P.